Our company, founded by Mr. Renato Andreis, is on the market since 40 years. Initially as family run, over the years it has evolved to the current level.

Today we operate in an indoor area of ​​12,000 square meters that allows us to work simultaneously on many vehicles and have a stock of many different types of equipment ready for delivery.


We are able to satisfy all kind of requirements in the field of roadside, recovery assistance, and vehicle transport up to three cars. Our technical department utilizes CAD technology and is in constant research and testing of new materials and solutions. To get high quality we pay attention to the finishes using automatic sandblasting process followed by spraying a double layer of paint and passage into oven that allow us excellent results in the corrosion protection. Many parts of our equipment get an hot-dip galvanizing treatment to optimize the durability. The carrier platforms are available in steel or in aluminum alloy high strength. The car bodies and the side boxes are made of aluminum, ABS plastic or stainless steel.


More technical details and commercial information shall be provided during your visit in our factories.


In 1972 company ANDREIS Renato was founded in Cuneo operating in mechanical and medium roadside assistance.


Since year 1975 company ANDREIS Renato was specialized in the recovery and transport of vehicles.


In the year 1981 company becomes OMArS and moves to a new industrial building nearby Cuneo city. company OMArS azienda


With the new factory building of 12.000 squares meter indoor OMArS expands the production and look ahead. company OMArS azienda


Enlargement of the company Hartmann GmbH in Germany with new location and new offices.


Looking at the new millennium is introduced the new carriers range Series 3/4 / 6.2000 that will become future Best Seller of OMArS S.p.A. up to nowadays.


New range of heavy wreckers 110T and 120T to meet the needs of recovery for heavy vehicles.


Having a turnover at the top in 2007 OMArS started a new factory facility of 6.000sq m in Beinette to expand heavy carpentry and pre-assembly groups’ area. The building will be ended with determination in 2009.


The years from 2008 onwards mark an important moment for the OMArS S.p.A. Developing new project and production of equipment for pick-up Isuzu and other special and unique products on the europea market.


Heavy wreckers and ROTATOR range are constantly in evolution with the study of new geometries and new front and rear stabilizers to continuously improve their job and satisfy customers from all over Europe.


Latest generation of heavy wreckers and ROTATOR: emergency vehicles par excellence.


Company OMArS celebrates 40 years of tradition customer care looking forward to new solutions and ideas.